Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Romeo & Juliet, meet Star Wars...

In my freshman class today, we finally reached the famous duel scene in Romeo and Juliet--the one scene the boys in my class have been looking forward to, and in response to that excitement, we broke into groups to come up with skits. So after a day of preparation , today was perfomance day at last. We had Romeo and Juliet in 4 different styles: the Wild West, American Idol vs. So You Think You Can Dance, miming, and Star Wars. Although I think the mime skit was my favorite, the Star Wars skit definitely took on a different flavor.
In this scene 'jubaka,' 'hon solo' and 'darth mal' (as spelled by my students) were fighting each other. Now 'jubaka' was being played by a little Russian girl in our class (she was adopted and moved to the states in gradeschool). She's a tiny, tiny little thing, incredibly sweet, but rarely says a word in front of people.
I figured that this would be a great activity, but what I didn't know before the skit began, was that 'jubaka' and 'darth mal' had a real-life fight just prior to class. So during the skit, my sweet little 'jubaka' decides to COMPLETELY abandon the script, and instead attacks (with foam lightsaber) the poor boy (who is twice her size). She continues to do so, until I pull her off. An interesting twist to the day most definitely. Now on top of this--my professor from Covenant was there to observe...woops!

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