Friday, May 02, 2008


So in the midst of everything else going on in our lives, Josh and I didn't want to forget that yesterday was our 1-year anniversary of when we started dating. So we took our date night and went to Tony's down in the Bluff View Art District--a new spot for me--and got some time to just enjoy each other after a very busy couple of weeks.

A year ago, after finally having the go-ahead to date (you know, that whole student-staff thing having gotten in the way before that point), we went on our first official date to Rembrandts, and fairly awkwardly decided that, yes, we were dating, and, yes, we could call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. At that point we finally started telling some friends and the girls on my hall (who promptly started screaming, tackling me, etc.) which was absolutely wonderful. The days following May 1 last year, were of the most exciting and fun times during my time at Covenant.
Now a year later, we're engaged (35 days baby!) and falling more in love every day!

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perinne said...

"corinne soon-to-be-mather"? you're a nerd! i wish i was as cool as you!
and that picture is precious!