Thursday, April 10, 2008

uh-oh...i'm doing it....

So as graduation slowly approaches and I start to reflect back on my time at Covenant, there are a few things that run through my head--dear friends and hall mates, late-night McDonald's runs, favorite teachers, Great Hall mishaps, etc. But while each of us has our own treasured memories in every size, shape, and color, there is one common denominator for every graduating senior from Covenant, and it is a single, heavily used word--"worldview".
We've memorized the definition, we've come up with any number of sketches on the board to represent it, we've applied it to every possible subject (which of course is every subject...true to the definition of worldview), and somewhere along the way we learned how to heave an affectionate sigh whenever we hear 'worldview' . But as our time at Covenant draws to a close we perhaps think to ourselves, "all right, so I know my worldview will always be a part of my life, but thank goodness I never have to define, visually represent, or explain it in essay form ever again!"

oh wait.

Today I used it...I did it...and I'm passing on the word to the next generation. oh my. As a student teacher, we just started a unit on Naturalism, and I was happily lecturing away when I heard it--that word came out of my mouth. Not only was I defining it, but I was sketching it up one the board...and then I heard myself assigning an essay in which they must talk about their worldview. It's true then--all future generations are doomed to hear, illustrate, and write on 'worldviews,' and yes, I am part of that passing the torch.
But let's be honest, would I ever really be able to escape using 'worldview' in life since interacting with others worldviews it's part of my worldview? Oh dear.

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