Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things I love about living off campus:

So this year some friends and I decided to live off campus...having now been in the house for a total of three weeks, I feel this has been a positive decision. I do miss the hall and all the girls up there, but there are some definite benefits to being here...a few of those are as follows:

1. The "No School at Home" rule...when at home, school does not exist. This means actually attempting to be efficient when at school (my SIP carrel is becoming my greatest ally), thus leaving time for me to enjoy my housemates!
2. Having the space, stove, and kitchen table to cook whatever i want, whenever i want, for whoever i want....I always wanted to have people over all the time, and now i can actually do it (though i'm still working on the actual cooking part of this social engagement!)
3. Still being at school everyday long enough to see my friends and former hall-mates, but when I come home, there's only 4 of us girls--not 27 of us. Don't get me wrong, i love every one of those 27 girls and miss them, but that is a whole lot of estrogen in one place.
4. Having a bedroom....and a tv/hangout room...and a kitchen....and a dining room....and a porch...oh wait, make that 2, you mean most people don't combine all of those into one 15' x 10' dorm room???
5. McDonald's is now a whole lot closer to me...yes, i'm feeding the addiction.

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