Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Exploring My Town...and hanging with a boy

Since I've now been here for three and a half years, I figure it's high time that I actually explore the town of Chattanooga--true, it's no St. Louis, but it definitely has some cool spots of its own. The other night Josh and I went to Foodworks...this restaurant that I've wanted to go to since I came to Covenant and yet never made it.

But we finally went, and it definitely made the cut. It's an old warehouse so it's got different levels for seating, a cool layout, but above all--really good food...and, I definitely got the added bonus of being there with a cool guy.

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The Lovealls said...

Let me just start by saying, WE TOLD YOU SO! We expect and email soon and if you dont know what i am talking about then you need to email me anyway! HUGS!