Friday, August 24, 2007

i know there's something i was supposed to be doing all summer...

So at good old Covenant we have this thing called a SIP--our senior integration project. I started it last semester and am supposed to be completing it this semester. So in an attempt to organize what i have left to do, here is what i completed last semester...
1. pick a really cool topic that everyone will "ooh" and "ahh" over (Nancy Drew...heck yes)
2. Go to the library at least a couple times to find the titles of books i should probably be using to research
3. Write two 10 page papers on the sources that I have supposedly 'already' read on the topic (hmmm, about that...)

Thus, the summer was supposed to give me some time to do some hard core research...too bad i got a job, met some cool people and wanted to hang out with the family.

So this year, i have a nifty SIP Carrell (pretty much a mini-cubicle surrounded by about 60 other mini-cubicles, further surrounded by the library stacks) in the library to help me focus, and you can see how much it's helped me so far, because what am i doing in it right now...blogging. oh boy.

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The Lovealls said...

I like the "met some really cool people" part of your posting! Happy Day! Miss you!