Sunday, August 19, 2007


Who says that you need to see a house before you start renting it? Twice now I've moved into my new homes without laying eyes on them before, and it's worked out well so far! But I'm now moved into my St. Elmo house and wanted to share a few pictures of the new crib (which is still a bit messy since we've only just moved'll get clean, Mom, I promise!). I'm living with 3 other girls--Anna, Anna, and Sarah--which has been great for the past couple days.
As far as being back here in Chattanooga, things here are great! The other day we helped the new freshman move into the residence halls (which was an odd experience not being an RA this time around), spending time catching up with girls from Third South, and seeing Josh (all of which have been wonderful!). It's so good to be back and starting to get into a rhythm again. I should add though, that whenever people ask me about my summer I have to explain how wonderful it was. St. Louis isn't anything like Cambridge last summer, but I loved being home, with my family, and with old/new friends and I'm so glad that I was there!


Carin & Michael Schindler said...

Super Cute house... I miss you! FYI I finished the top drawer of scanning... but it's never ending and they are not replacing you so it's slow going. Needless to say you were a pretty big deal around here and key to me getting all that i did actually done. How's joshy poo? What's the word on aftermath of the meeting?

Corinne said...

well, i'm having dinner with Mr. Mather tonight...except this time Josh is included! So i guess that's a good sign ;)
Oh yeah, and i hear there's this new-fangled thing called e-mail, i guess maybe sometime we should try it...