Friday, August 03, 2007

Corinne's in Charge Now

Last weekend I got the chance to play grown-up, because there’s no way someone could actually think I would count as one legitimately just yet! But in any case, one of my sister’s friend’s parents thought I was close enough, and I had the opportunity to hang with JD and Annie, two of the most awesome kids ever for 3 days! They even let me play with their x-box on their 8 foot tv/ home theatre system…although I failed miserably.
On Saturday, it was Annie’s turn to pick what we would do for the day, and as it turned out, she wanted to take advantage of their family’s season passes to Six Flags, which meant I was the ‘adult’ chaperone for Annie and her friend, Emily; now I personally thought their parents were crazy to have me be the only grown up for these two 13 year olds at this massive theme park!
But in any case, we went, and had an absolute blast! (What does it say about my maturity level if I had such a good time hanging out all day with two 13 year-olds at a theme park I haven’t been to since I was in eighth grade???). We braved the roller coasters (which is another sign that I was trying to be ‘grown up’ because I hated heights as a kid and wouldn’t go on a roller coaster until I was 14! They’ve grown on me a bit since then, though!).
But the best part of the day, for the girls at least, was when we walked past Dragon Wings (if you don’t know what this is, basically they hook you to a harness/bungie cord thing, pull you up to 160 feet, and then let you free-fall to within about 6 feet of the ground…fun, huh?) and they decided they wanted to try. So after calling for permission from their ‘rents, they got hoisted up, and then did the drop. See that spot to the right of the metal V--that's Annie and Emily...oh boy.
Yes, this is what we do when Corinne’s in charge!

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