Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

So today I was reminded yet one more time how sweet my boyfriend is...then again, he’s pretty good at reminding me of that all the time, but today he was especially good at it.

In the midst of my normal work routine at the Seminary receptionist desk, a flower delivery guy comes in. Now being one of the front desk receptionists, it’s not all that uncommon to see some flowers pass through the doors. But today—today was different. Instead of telling some other girl how sweet her guy was to send her flowers, today the tables were turned and for the first time in my life I was the one answering the questions about my sweet guy who sent me flowers…that’s right, I got a basket full of daisies…which also happen to be my favorite flower! (for those of you who watch the chick flicks here’s the scene running through your head just to help you out! you've-got-mail). So as much as I blushed the minute I found out they were for me, you can imagine how many times I blushed throughout the day as each new person asked me about my flowers--I think I might permanently be a shade redder. So Josh, as all my co-workers said today…you did good…real good.


Suzanne said...

bravo Joshman!

I love that movie, and yes, they are the friendliest flower:)

Carin & Michael Schindler said...

Actually that is one of my FAVORITE Movies - it is the movie I watch when I don't feel well. Your flowers were beautiful - GREAT JOB Josh! Hope you liked the picture.

Emily Loveall said...

Ok, you never shared with me that your favorite flower is also MY favorite flower! We are so cool! Oh, by the way Josh- way to go buddy!

elissa said...

And to think I'm related to him!