Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Spinning Beach Ball of Death returns...again

So for any Mac users, you know what I’m talking about…rare though it may be, when your computer is about to freeze up/ crash/ possibly-die-forever you see this little buddy pop up…but don’t be deceived by its bright colors or happy spinning—you’re computer is about to be very mad at you.

This little spinning ball and I have become good friends apparently, because as much as I love my gadgets, they apparently seem to hate me...all my tech stuff one-by-one suddenly and unexpectantly dies, thus the frequent appearance of the BBOD.

But this has also made me and the Geniuses at the Apple store good friends as well…last year after the fourth time that they’d completely replaced the innards of my computer (all for free), they decided to just give me a brand new computer (also for free), and in the most recent turn of events, I now have a brand new ipod (also for free).

Morals of the story…(1) don’t let any of your computers, ipods, mp3 players, or anything else like that too near me or else it too will probably die. (2) become friends with the Mac Geniuses and they’ll always take care of you! (3) if you see the BBOD, run far, far away!

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