Saturday, July 21, 2007

"I'm just trying to keep up with the social life of a 13-year-old!"

So tonight I became one of those people—yes, those people—who waited in line for far too long into the night to get one of the coveted Harry Potter books….but I have a very good excuse…I’m just trying to keep up with my sister, whose 13 birthday is today. Although I’m in college and thought I had my own fairly social life, since I’ve been home for the summer I’ve realized that my own ‘baby’ sister, now teenage sister, is far more popular than me—she even double booked me and had to cancel our date for Ratatouille!

But tonight was my chance to redeem myself and become cool enough to hang out with a 13 year old again, and I think I may have achieved my goal.

At 11pm, Katy and I left our warm beds and comfortable house to go sit in line for 3 hours at Borders so that she too could be one of the cool kids with the new Harry Potter book (ok, granted she absolutely loves Harry and couldn’t care less if anyone else in the world even reads the books!) and so I could be cool enough to hang with her. We prepared ourselves to meet some interesting people (as seen above), and took the plunge. Now, at 2:30am we are home again, but triumphant with book in hand. The following pictures chronicle the joys, pains, and emotional rollercoaster of those three ½ hours:

The sheet of paper they gave us for our place in line says number 22!!! We'll be the 22nd people to get the book!
realizing that '22' actually means we're in the 22nd group of 20 to get in line to buy the other words, there's over 400 people ahead of us, and they won't even let us in the line until 300 of those people are gone from the store!
realizing just how long we're going to be here...
...and we're at the 1:30 mark...

Coming up with all sorts of schemes to cause trouble

We almost get to join the line!
it's ours, all ours
but you know what, maybe we just love each other because we're sisters...forget Harry Potter!

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Suzanne said...

Wow, that's dedication. Looks like you two had fun!! What better way to ring in Katy's 13th than to be with you Corinne!