Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lest anyone think that nothing exciting happens in my life...

So I bet all of y’all thought it would never happen, but it’s true—I, Corinne Chapell, like a boy—yup! And the cool part of it is, he likes me too! AND on top of all that…we’re actually dating!
So how did all this happen? Well, it’s a bit of a story.

3 years ago a brand spankin’ new freshman girl showed up at Covenant College; her name was Corinne. After a crazy first semester getting to know people and getting in all sorts of trouble, she and some of her friends decided to play a prank on some new found guy friends who happened to be out of town. One TP/rolling job, 2 empty bathrooms, and 4 missing mattresses later, these girls were sealed in as friends with those guys. Which is where a boy named Josh comes in.

Josh was sitting around (ok, maybe actually being really busy being an RA and living life) getting into his own trouble with his own friends, and slowly started to get to know Corinne and thought she was kind of cool. Corinne slowly started to get to know Josh, and thought he was kind of cool, but both Corinne and Josh were just friends—really truly.

Two years went by in this friendship, and Josh graduated; although he came from paradise (otherwise known as Hawaii) he decided he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to become a Georgia resident, and became an assistant RD for Covenant College. The summer before starting his new job, Josh occasionally kept up with his friend, Corinne, who was living in England, and they were both excited to hang out again when school started especially since Corinne was going to be back at Covenant as an RA (which meant Josh would be not only her friend but her boss). Oh yeah, and maybe at this point Corinne thought a little more of Josh than before, but in the name of friendship Corinne decided that she was not going to like Josh and would take personal measures to tuck those feelings away.

So the year started, and after a few months, a massive ball-pit, 17 hours of driving, countless mike and ikes, some drama, and a lot of laughter and fun later—a little something-something started to happen … and it turns out that Corinne and Josh both like each other. Oh gracious.

Here enters problem: Josh is ARD (staff) + Corinne is RA (student)= Against Covenant rules.

So despite their feelings, Josh and Corinne decide together to honor the commitments made, and for the next 5 months (yes, F-I-V-E MONTHS) Corinne and Josh remained friends despite a whole lot of awkward situations and questions.

UNTIL on May 1st, the powers-at-be (wonderful people that they are) decided things could begin to happen, and thus Corinne and Josh went on their first date, and began to sort out the confusion of having 2 possible dates for everything—What was their anniversary? When was their first movie, first drive, first…well…just about anything?

But despite the confusion, Josh and Corinne sorted it out in their own way, and 1 Die Hard movie, 2 tickets to Hawaii, almost 3 months, and a lot of cell phone minutes later—Josh and Corinne are going strong and just waiting till they will actually be in the same city together for the school year again!

In the words of a famous 3Cer, Amen.


Emily Loveall said... two are SO cute!

Carin & Michael Schindler said...

I love how you talk about yourself in the 3rd person.. classic. We're going to miss you!.

Suzanne said...

'tis a good story indeed. you guys make a fantastic pair.

perinne said...

you weren't kidding. you actually did blog the whole story. what a dork. i love you.