Thursday, May 25, 2006

On My Bookshelf LAST Week:

Sorry! I was out of town so I didn't have time to post anything!

The Watsons--Jane Austen:
This is actually a fragment of a novel by Austen. She got about 100 pages in and decided she didn't want to go any further...but I thought it was quite interesting...and even more interesting to consider why she didn't finish it!

Sense and Sensibility--Jane Austen:
Since I'm slowly making my way through the alphabet, I thought I had to include this classic since I've already read Pride and Prejudice!

Another Country--James Baldwin: (also author of Notes of a Native Son)
Definitely, definitely not my favorite peice of literature from the Harlem Renaissance...but it is kind of cool how he interplays the use of jazz and Biblical stories into the narrative.

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