Friday, May 26, 2006

I've got a job!!!

Hey everyone!
So as most of you know, part of my deal in coming here was that I was going to find a job and work...let me tell in the UK is not exactly cheap either!
So after a long, and pretty discouraging job search, I have finally found a job and am a proud employee of Jones Bootmakers...a little shoestore in the City Centre here in Cambridge.
This is actually a huge answer to prayer, because as I was looking for a job, everyone had told me either that they didn't need anyone temporary, or they needed someone who could work Sundays. So it was all posing a bit of a problem. However, one morning (quite early I might add!) I finally got a phone call back from Jones (and i'll add in here that this was the main store that had told me I would never find a job in Cambridge if I couldn't work Sundays!) who was calling back to say that they actually looked at my application, and decided that my experience in retail made it worth it to them because they really needed someone just for the summer! What is even more amazing is that a few hours before, my parents had actually sat down together to pray that I would find a job that very day...and God answered that request!
So I've now been working for a bit at Jones', and I actually enjoy it a lot. My co-workers are a lot of fun (most of our tea time breaks are spent coming up with jokes to play on the other workers who aren't on break) and the work is easy enough. Bring on the shoe sales!

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rachel said...

it's so amazing how God answers prayers in the right time, even the same day. l'chiam!

love rach