Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Awkward Turtle Moment

So here's my awkward moment of the week. The day after Rhodes left, I thought I would just sleep in, relax, and eventually when I woke up go back on the job hunt. However, as I was lazily sleeping the morning away, I suddenly got a rap on my door, and someone's voice calling out to me, "hello? I've got a new wardrobe here for you!" Suddenly it all came back to me--my landlord had told me that he was going to order me a new wardrobe, and it should arrive sometime within the week, although he didn't know what day for sure--but here it was.
So I quickly jumped up from my bed, yelled out, "Just a moment please!" and hurriedly threw on some clothes and threw my bed together so it wasn't quite so obvious that I had just woken up (somehow I don't think I was so successful in my illusion!). I let him in, and this young man, barely covering up his laughter at my obvious discomposure, brought in the large box--notice a box, not wardrobe, becuase he still had to assemble it!
So as he put it all together over the next twenty minutes or so, I awkwardly tried to make myself useful. You see, as much as I really do love my flat, when there is more than one person inside, there's really no getting away, and as I was still half in my pajamas, I couldn't exactly go outside like I was going to run some errands! So there I sat, thinking only how awkward this whole thing was, and at last, he finished.
And with a smile (still obviously covering up all out laughter) he said goodbye and took his things to go. As soon as he left however, I must confess that I also threw myself down on the couch and started laughing--what else was there to do?


Anna said...

corinne! you know if time and money and life permitted it i would be all about coming to visit you in England. but alas, my travel bug must be put aside until later. Enjoy the time you've been permitted to go! love you!

Amy Smith said...

Corinne my dear!

I love you awkward moments. If I could hop on a plane for Cambridge I would. I'm here in New York City and am having all kinds of enlightening experiences.

Love you! Happy travels! Amy