Friday, January 11, 2008

"you're hair looks pretty!!!"....."wrong answer."

So do you remember all those times back in grade school where you tried to distract the substitute teacher on some bogus tangent? Well, it's official, as a three-day-old student teacher, I have moved into this age-old time of student testing. So here are some of my favorite comments from today with the sixth graders I call my students:

Scott: "You're an alien!"

Ryan: "How'd you know my name?"
Me: "Because I know everything."

Me: "Who can identify the prepositional phrase in this sentence?"
Becca: "You're hair looks really pretty, Ms. Chapell!!"
Me: "wrong answer."

Anna: "Ms. Chapell, there are girls piercing their ears in the bathroom..."

--now after sorting out the piercing party girls, who promptly were sent to the office, we thought we would go back to class. Sadly enough, by the end of the day all the rumors had gone nuts...and I mean NUTS about who it was, who tattled, and what was going to happen.
Oh the joys of middle school!

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