Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's been a week...

1 ...that I've been pretending to be 'an adult' (a.k.a. student teaching)
2 ...since I've been awake past 11 on a school night
3 which my true addiction to tea returned (so much for weaning myself off it all last summer)
4 last week that reminded me that I stink at planning weddings.
5 ...during which I think I've cried more than I've cried in the past year (due to some overly busy combination of #1 & #4)
6 ...since I decided that I actually like having a 20 minute drive to work in the morning (thus giving time to think about #1 & #4 at a more relaxing pace)
7 which I've been reminded again and again to fall to my knees in prayer and thank God for His goodness to me--b/c He's REAL good to me and shows me daily how much He loves me!


Carin & Michael Schindler said...

What do you need me to do? Consider me your hands and feet in STL ... What can I do to help you? Do you need a Check list? prayer? things for me to do? Let me know - i'm here for you.

The Lovealls said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing!