Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nancy Drew Fan Club Bylaws

So in the 60's Warner Brothers started an official fan club surrounding the Nancy Drew movies they produced...yes, these are really the rules for starting your own club.

I mean, you got to love this...

Post rules of Nancy Drew Club:
The following are the rules under which the Hollywood “Nancy Drew Club” was formed, and may be the basis for yours:
1. Must have steady boy friend, in the sense of a “pal.”
2. Take part in choosing own clothes.
3. No smoking, drinking, or petting.
4. Pay their share on dates with boys own age.
5. Take part in plans for own career
6. Must have at least one hobby.
7. Must participate in at least one extra-curricular school activity
8. Must be a high school student

So, I think I failed in more than one category (who knows what 'petting' means, anyway?), but in the middle of your SIP, you gotta find some humor somewhere, right?

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Odessa said...

Good words.