Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So there are a few things to catch up on…

I’m back from the hiatus from my blogging duties at last, but since I’ve last written, there are a few things to catch up on! Here are some of the major things that have happened in the past few weeks…
1. In the past three days, I have written and/or compiled 203 pages (over 156 of these being single-spaced.) in Times New Roman, 12 point font or smaller. For those of you who are wondering how Nancy and my relationship’s doing, we’ve resolved our differences and are once again friends…although distance has been good for us now that Nancy is spending all her time with my SIP readers instead of me!
2. After 3 years of going to the championship game and coming up empty handed, my flag football team (yes, I’m on a girls flag football team) finally won the championship! Heck yes, 3C!
3. Several fun visitors have come! The weekend before Thanksgiving, my friend from back home, Johanna, was able to come by and visit for a few days on her way to Atlanta. The couple of weekends before that my parents were able to come visit twice—one of these times being to lead a marriage conference at LMPC. Yeah, no jokes about Josh and me there! And let me tell you, the Hunter museum has taken on a new meaning!
4. Today, December 5, 2007, was the last class of my college career. Need I say more?
5. As of November 1, Josh and I have been together 6 months!!!! (now, this is where it’s quite obvious how bad I’ve been with blogging, since by now it’s actually been 7 months…whoops!) But in any case, it’s 6 months with an absolutely incredible man…I still have no idea how in the world I caught him, but I’m not going anywhere without him from here on out—everyday is something beautiful and wonderful with him, and I’m truly blessed to be with him.

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