Thursday, September 13, 2007

Come on, can't you see the similarity?

(Josh Mather) (Ned Nickerson
in the most recent Nancy Drew movie)

So, if you've been keeping up with me, you know that I'm currently writing my senior paper on none other than Nancy Drew. For those of you who read Nancy Drew back in the third grade, you know that she has a certain boyfriend...Ned Nickerson (quite the name, heh?) and it got me thinking that maybe there are some similarities...notice for example, the very established and legit. smiles in their pictures!
Ok, so maybe they don't actually look or act a bit alike, but there are a few more similarities between Nancy and myself maybe...

-Nancy likes to get in her car and drive...this happens to be one of my favorite past times

-Nancy has "intuitions" that start her thinking, sometimes a little too much...hmm, sound familiar?

-Nancy is like one of those little terrier dogs that thinks she's actually a great dane and consequently will do just about anything; because of this she gets into some very interesting situations...that would be me sometimes (i.e. having a total stranger offer me a goat to live in my dorm room, or watching a police take-down on the Walking Bridge, or deciding for no particular reason to move to England for 3 months...just for a few examples)

-Before meeting Ned, Nancy had a myriad of boy problems, but in this quality kid, she finally found a guy who could make her "blush right down to her fingertips" and it be completely worth it. (from Nancy Drew mystery #7--The Sign of the Twisted Candle) (and hopefully Josh will still be talking to Corinne after this far too embarrassing post!)

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perinne said...

you're a dork
i might have said it before
but i love you for it

p.s. josh never responded to our barrage on his blog........