Sunday, June 25, 2006

On my bookshelf:

Aspects of a novel (EM Forster): From a lecture series at Trinity College (Cambridge University) on the 7 components/aspects of what a novel is.
Passsage to India (EM Forster): Classic story which many of us read in high school or at some point or another (and yes, it is also a movie). Set in British ruled India, it's the tragic story of interaction between these two different cultures on an individual and broader level as seen through the lives of Aziz, Fielding, and Adela.
EM Forster: A Life (PN Furbank): Actually a really interesting biography on Forster...lots of focus on relationship and interaction.
The Awakening (Kate Chopin): A feminist novel about a woman's awakening to a truer sense of self...interesting but depressing read.
In the Name of Jesus (Henri JM Nouwen): All about Christian leadership, but more than that about living a purposefully Christ-centered life in the community of believers about us.


Jim said...

can't wait to see you again. drink some tea for me!

hannah smith said...

hi Corinne!

Due to an inordinate amount of web-surfing time I've had while waiting for the phones to ring at my summer job, I was excited to come upon your blog. I'm envious of your sweet setup...your own tiny flat and a summer to think and grow and explore in the UK! Now that I've found you, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and reading more book recommendations.

Have a marvelous stay and a safe passage home, and I'll see you in the fall!!