Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh Cambridge, my Cambridge

Well everyone, I've made it here at last, although it did take quite a while!
On Sunday afternoon, my brother Jordan and his wife Suzanne drove me to the Atlanta where my plane was to take off, and where I also found out the freshman Mac class was also taking off from--on my flight! However, I must admit that I had a much better seat than them. When I arrived, England fulfilled all of it's stereotypes as it was quite chilly and rainy. Now, I want each of you to mentally picture me carrying 2 large bags, and my regular school bag all over train stations and this rain. It was a little difficult to manage if I may so myself! I even had one girl who helped me at one point simply look at me and say, "You're mad you know!" And maybe I am just a bit!
But at last I arrived in Cambridge, and after a happy hello with Colin and Heather (my other brother and his wife who are studying in Cambridge for Colin's master degree in History) we ran some errands, and then we were off to MY flat. After meeting with my landlord and all the formal business stuff involved, I finally got to move in to my new home. It is quite tiny, I admit, but it really is exactly perfect for just me, and I love it.

For Danielle, the door is not actually red, that's my neighbor's door--mine is actually simply glass. Sorry to dissapoint!
The futon couch that you see in the pictures actually folds out to become my very comfortable bed, and I truly do have a kitchen-in-a-closet. As you can see, it's a large white wardrobe looking thing that opens up to sink, stove, fridge and storage below.
The next day, I slept in horribly late. I haven't been able to sleep more than roughly 5 hours every night for the last month at Covenant, so to finally be able to sleep in was absolutely wonderful. But once I did eventually wake up, the first order of business was to get a library card--yes, I am already a member of the Cambridge Public Library system, which I am taking full advantage of. I will have internet here, so please send me e-mail!
Then the next thing to do was, yes, get a cell phone. I know I'm horribly addicted to phones, but in this case my parents asked me to get how could I say no? It's actually cheaper for me to call the states than around Cambridge, so maybe you'll get a call from me somewhere along the way!
The rest of my first day was spent just wandering gorgeous Cambridge on the beautiful day it had turned into--forget St. Louis humidity! And it has been absolutely gorgeous ever since that first has everything since I've arrived. Praise God for making my time here so easy so far, and for safe travel thus far. I can't wait to hear from all of you!

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rachel said...

CORY! this is so exciting! you... all international! i cannot wait to see what your british self adventures entail. plus, all the toffee that you will be eating. i miss you terribly, old bean. you must give me a ring on the telly (ok, how many incorrect used of british slang can i use?)

LOVE rachel